Neural Coding Abstracts

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Al-Shaikhli, Wachtler, Eckhorn (Marburg, Germany)
Inhomogeneous retino-cortical mapping is supported and stabilized with correlation-learning during self-motion in a network model of spiking neurons

Arhem, Klement, Nilsson, Blomberg (Stockholm, Sweden):
Channel density regulation of neuronal firing patterns: Modelling cortical neurons

Balenzuela, Lopera, Buldu, Garcia-Ojalvo (Terrassa, Spain) Presentation as PDF-File
Neural mechanism for binaural pitch perception

Barbi, DiGarbo, Barbi (Pisa, Italy):
A simple integrate-and-fire model for RSA

Barbi, Barbi, DiGarbo (Pisa, Italy):
Stochastic resonance in a simple comparate-and-fire model

Bayerl, Neumann (Ulm, Germany)
Feature-based attention increases the selectivity of population responses in a model of the primate visual cortex

Bazhenov (La Jolla, USA)
Odor Coding and Neural Plasticity in the Locust Olfactory System

Bedrov, Dick, Awiszus (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Asymmetry of temporal patterns of control effects maintaining the sequence of stable and unstable oscillations of the human body center of mass

Bedrov, Dick, Romanov (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Method of identification of parameters of the human isometric effort stabilization

Benda, Longtin, Maler (Berlin, Germany) Presentation as PDF-File
Two Coding Strategies for Communication Signals in a Population Rate Code

Bezzi (Paris, France) Presentation as PDF-File
Quantifying information transmitted by a single stimulus

Bonath, Wollweber (Giessen & Marburg, Germany)
Hardware oriented simulation models of HH-neurons

Borisyuk (Plymounth, UK)
Modelling of persistent neural activity and memory

Braun, Wollweber, Voigt, Huber (Marburg, Germany)
Encoding of Constant Temperatures and Temperature Changes: A Comprehensive Model of Temperature Transduction.

Bugmann (Plymouth, UK)
Fraction of excitatory inputs required by a visual neuron to fire

Busch, Barrio-Alvers, Zinecker, Hirsch (Marburg, Germany)
Automatic fact extraction for simulation purposes

Coath, Denham (Plymouth, UK)
The `why' question of auditory peripheral processing

Contreras, Bahar (St.Louis, USA)
Effects of synaptic coupling on stochastic phase synchronization in a neural array

Coppey, Rospars (Versailles, France)
Modelling of G protein cascade in olfactory receptor neurons

Dick, Bedrov, Andrianov, Braun (St.Petersburg, Russia; Marburg, Germany)
Comparison of the mechanisms of sensory coding in afferent discharges from catfish electroreceptor organs and rat cold receptors

DiGarbo, Barbi, Chillemi, Alloisio, Nobile (Pisa, Genua, Italy)
Calcium signalling in astrocytes and modulation of neural activity

Eckhorn, Al-Shaikhli, Zwickel, Michler, Wachtler (Marburg, Germany):
Learning of invariant representations of visual objects in a model of the system

Foucart, Horcholle-Bossavit, Quenet (Paris, France) Presentation as PDF-File
Oscillation and coding in a formal neural network considered as a guide for plausible simulations of the insect olfactory system

Gabriel, Gail, Eckhorn (Marburg, Germany)
Traveling gamma-waves: Stimulus-dependent signal coupling in monkey primary visual cortex

Gaillard, Feng, Buxton (Sussex, UK) Presentation as PPT-File
Neuronal model of decision making

Galindo-Leon, Duhamel, Graf, Bremmer (Marburg, Germany; Paris/Bron, France)
Dynamics of heading-encoding in macaque area VIP

Herz (Berlin, Germany)
Biophysics, information processing, and biological function of a small sensory system

Huber, Braun (Marburg, Germany) Presentation as PPT-File
Stimulus-dependent tuning of neuronal subthreshold oscillations

Iglesias, Villa (Lausanne, Switzerland; Greenoble, France)
Effect of Stimulus-Driven Pruning on the Detection of Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Activity in Large Neural Networks

Izhikevich (San Diego, USA)
Polychronization: Computation With Spikes

Kostal, Lansky (Prague, Czech Republic)
Classification of stationary neuronal activity according to its information rate

Koyama, Shinomoto (Kyoto, Japan)
Inference of intrinsic spiking irregularity based on the Kullback-Leibler information

Kuriscak, Marsalek (Prague, Czech Republic)
Network of neurons with nonlinear currents for the comparison of effects of static and adaptive synapses

Kuriscak, Zbornik, Rehak (Prague, Czech Republik)
Time precision of hippocampal CA3 neurons

Lansky, Greenwood (Prague, Czech Republic; Tampa, USA)
Optimal signal and its estimation in neuronal models

Liljenström (Uppsala, Sweden)
Efficiency in Olfactory Information Processing

Markert, Knoblauch, Palm (Ulm, Germany)
Modelling of syntactical processing in the cortex

Michler, Eckhorn, Wachtler (Marburg, Germany)
Sequence learning as basis for invariant recognition of object views

Murck (Stirling, UK)
Sleep-endocrine interactions in health and depressive disorders - a model

Nuding, Zetzsche (Bremen, München, Germany)
Learning the selectivity of V4 neurons using a nonlinear two-stage wavelet network

Oram, Xiao, Barraclough, Perrett (St.Andrews, UK)
Neural coding and the anticipation of complex visual stimuli

Oya, Brugge, Reale, Kawasaki, Volkov, Howard, Poon (Iowa City, USA; Tainan, Taiwan)
Functional connections in the human temporal cortex revealed by Granger analysis of near-field auditory evoked potentials

Patel, Gohel, Galani, Patel (Gujarat, India)
Studies on the application of artificial neural networks in the development and evaluation of directly compressible adjuvant

Patel, Goyal, Patel (Gujarat, India)
Effect of number of hidden layers and processing elements on the predictive performance of the neural network

Peters, Bretschneider, Eeuwes (Utrecht, Netherlands)
The source of frequency noise in ampullary electroreceptor afferents

Porr, Wörgötter (Glasgow, Scotland; Göttingen, Germany)
Fast non-hebbian learning in the limbic system simulated in a robot foodretrieval task

Postnov, Ryazanova (Saratov, Russia)
Functional approach to modeling of neural-glial interactions

Postnova, Braun, Voigt (Marburg, Germany)
Transitions from tonic firing to bursting in model neurons with synaptic input and bi-directional coupling

Richmond (Bethesda, USA)
Two types of memory in the monkey temporal lobe

Rossoni, Feng (Sussex, Coventry, UK) Presentation as PDF-File
Decoding spike ensembles: Tracking a moving stimulus

Rowcliffe, Feng (Brighton, Coventry, UK)
Training a network of spiking perceptrons for use in robot arm control

Salinas (Winston-Salem, USA)
Correlations between neurons and their relation to network function: insights from a simple measure of coding efficiency

Sannita (Genova, Italy)
Resonance, cortical synchronization and (visual) information processing

Saudargiene, Porr, Wörgötter (Kaunas, Lithuania; Glasgow, Scotland; Göttingen, Germany)
Analytical calculation of weights in temporal sequence learning

Schimansky-Geier, Veretschaguina, Sokolov (Berlin, Germany)
Waiting-time densities of resonate and fire neurons

Schneider, Postnova, Voigt, Braun (Marburg, Germany) Presentation as PPT-File
Effects of gap-junction coupling on the activity patterns of noisy neural oscillators at tonic-bursting bifurcations

Silkis (Moscow, Russia) Presentation as PPT-File
A hypothetical role of cortico-basal ganglia-thalamocortical loops in visual perception

Sosnovtseva (Lyngby, Denmark)
Studying cell dynamics: Interference microscopy vs. double-wavelet analysis

Stiber (Washington, USA) Presentation as PDF-File
Bifurcations of neural transient responses

Stroffek, Marsalek, Kuriscak (Prague, Czeech Republic)
Pattern storage in a neural network with cyclic activation

Tass, Barnikol, Hauptmann, Popovych, Majtanik, Voges, Sturm, Freund (Jülich & Cologne, Germany)
Adaptive neuromodulation: a novel approach to electrical brain stimulation

Tateno, Robinson (Osaka, Japan; Cambridge, USA)
Spike-time response curves in interneurons of rat somatosensory cortex

Teichert, Wachtler, Gail, Brinksmeyer, Michler, Reinhard Eckhorn (Marburg, Germany)
Does primary visual cortex perform a wavelet-representation of spatial frequencies?

Turova, Villa (Lund, Sweden; Grenoble, France)
Phase diagram for unsupervised learning in random neural networks

Vidybida (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Input-output relations in binding neuron

Villa, Asai, Segundo (Grenoble, France; Ibaraki, Japan; Los Angeles, USA)
Influence of the temporal distribution of electric pulses on transcallosal single unit responses

Wachtler (Marburg, Germany)
The chromatic tilt effect: Analogous coding principles for orientation and color in primary visual cortex

Wennekers, Ay, Andras (Plymouth,UK; Erlangen, Germany; Newcastle, UK)
Stochastic interaction in neural systems

Wollweber, Voigt, Braun (Marburg, Germany) Presentation as PPT-File
Temperature sensitivity and sensitization by ethanol

Wolf, Gollisch, Benda, Schütze, Herz (Berlin, Magdeburg, Germany; Cambridge, USA)
Dissecting an auditory transduction chain in vivo: How to disentangle the biophysical processes that shape the neural code.

Wu, Feng (Coventry, UK)
Decoding multi-electrode array data

Xu (Xian, PR China)
Neural code based on concepts of nonlinear dynamics?

Zwickel, Eckhorn, Wachtler (Marburg, Germany)
Coding the presence of visual objects independent of their identity by a multi-level neural network with feedback