N E U R A L   C O D I N G   2 0 0 5
- 6th International Neural Coding Workshop -

August 23-28, 2005 - Marburg, Germany

Organized by Hans A. Braun and Reinhard Eckhorn

Contact: mail@neuralcoding2005.de

Participants of the Neural Coding Workshop 2005

The NEURAL CODING WORKSHOPS are unusual meetings, traditionally. They all have been relatively small and highly interdisciplinary with major emphasis on the search for common principles in neural coding without neglecting functionally relevant differences between different systems.

The Neural Coding Workshop shall bring together neuroscientists from different fields under the expectation that multidisciplinary approaches can essentially improve the understanding of neural coding mechanisms and their disturbances. Hence, the attendees of the Neural Coding Workshop should be prepared to cross the borders of their own discipline. We would like to compare results from different functional levels, including the subcellular, the single-neuron, the neuronal network and the systems level. We shall discuss the interdependencies between the different levels and their implications for sensation, cognition, autonomous control and action.
We expect and encourage intense and, of course, also controversial discussion about the most promising experimental, modelling and analytical approaches and about the possibilities to combine them for a better understanding of neural coding mechanisms, also considering the origin and treatment of neurological diseases. Major emphasis shall be laid on biologically inspired computer models which can elucidate functionally relevant dynamics of the neural coding mechanism.

We will keep the workshop in reasonable size, with an upper limit of 100 attendees. We can have about 40 oral presentations and will reserve sufficient time for poster presentations. Main emphasis is laid on the discussions which might continue during diverse social events that we plan to organize.


Prague (CZ, 1995), Versailles (F, 1997), Osaka (JP, 1999),
(UK, 2001), Aulla (IT, 2003).

The PROCEEDINGS of the Neural Coding Workshop 2005 shall be published as a special issue of BioSystems (Elsevier Journal of Biological and Information Processing Sciences) where also the proceedings of all previous Neural Coding Workshops have appeared.
BioSystems encourages experimental, computational, and theoretical articles that link biology, evolutionary thinking, and the information processing sciences.
For further information please check the BioSystems homepage, where you also can find a “guide for authors”.

Submitted manuscripts should not be longer than 8 printed pages in BioSystems. This corresponds to a main text (not including the title and abstract) of about 5000 words, from which must be substracted the references (one average reference is equivalent to 21 words), figures and tables.
Please note: Full original papers of essential novelty are expected. Extended abstracts will not be considered and also not manuscripts which only review previously published data.

Manuscripts shall be submitted electronically (as e-mail attachments) in PDF format to mail@neuralcoding2005.de not later than December 1st 2005.

December 1st, 2005: Deadline for manuscript submission
February 1st, 2006: Notifications of revisions – if necessary.
March 1st, 2006: Notification of Acceptance
September 2006: anticipated for publication of the proceedings

We have received 73 abstracts for 36 oral presentations and 37 poster presentations. We have assigned the abstracts to different topics and will have oral sessions and poster presentations about:

     •  Complex System Theory, Information Processing
         and Nonlinear Dynamics
     •  Memory, Learning, Self Organisation and Robotics
     •  Feature Extraction and Decision Making
     •  Oscillations, Resonance and Synchronization
     •  Spatio-Temporal Patterns, Neural Transduction
         and Neuromodulation
     •  Fluctuations, Noise, Chaos and Information Extraction

You have access to the abstracts via a list of presentations in alphabetical order of the authors.
Here you can also find PPT/PDF files of some presentations (indicated in the abstract list)..

Deadline July 10, 2005
Click to download the registration form as WORD-File or RFT-File.
Please fill in the registration form and send it back by email attachment before July 10, 2005 to the NeuralCoding email address.

Payments also shall be made before July 10, 2005 to the bank account given in the registration forms.

As we know that bank transfers from outside the European Union (EU) can lead to considerable additional costs for money transfer we offer the non-EU participants cash-payment at the registration desk on their arrival in Marburg (which should be assigned in the registration forms).

As already announced, registration fee is € 300 for regular participants (senior scientists and post-docs) and € 150 for students. The registration fee for accompanying persons is € 200. Registration includes all meals, contributions to all social events and excursions.


Marburg is a small University City (~60 000 inhabitants, ~ 20 000 students) with a medieval old town around a historical castle. It is located 100 km north of Frankfurt which means easy access from Frankfurt International Airport (about 1 ½ hours by train).
For the meeting we have reserved the main lecture hall (Alte Aula) in the “Old University” which is built on a former monastery where Marburg University started almost 500 years ago as the first protestantic University in the world (still the place for the Faculty of Theology). We are actually celebrating the 500th birthday of it’s founder, Landgraf (Earl) Philipp (the Magnanimous) and also the centennial of Marburg’s most important company, the “Behring Werke” which was founded by Marburgs most famous scientist, Emil von Behring, the first Nobel price winner in Medicine.


For travel information with additional maps please check the PDF-File Marburg Travel Information.


We have reserved rooms in the Sorat Hotel (97 € for single, and 117 € for double room per night) which is at a very central place close to the lecture hall (“Old University”) and the historical old town of Marburg (2-5 min walk).

SORAT Hotel Marburg
Pilgrimstein 29
D-35037 Marburg

Contact: Dunja Blaufelder
Tel: +49 (0)6421 918-161
Fax: +49 (0)6421 918-444
E-Mail: d.blaufelder@sorat-hotels.com

Code for reservation: NeuralCoding2005

For details of sessions, talks and posters please check workshop program (PDF-File) and timetable (PDF-File).

Here in brief:
Tuesday, August 23:
       Afternoon/Evening: Arrival, Registration, Welcome Address
Wednesday, August 24:
       Morning: Lectures,
       Afternoon: Poster sessions and Lectures,
       Evening: Barbecue at the Physiological Institute.
Thursday, August 25:
       Morning: Lectures,
       Afternoon: Sightseeing (Marburg) and Lectures,
       Evening: Poster session with cheese and wine.
Friday, August 26:
       Morning: Lectures,
       Afternoon and Evening: Excursion to the Rhine River
          with boat trip and wine tasting.
Saturday, August 27:
       Morning: Lectures,
       Afternoon: Poster sessions and lectures,
       Evening: Banquet at Marburg Castle, Hall of Princes.
Sunday, August 28:
       Morning: Discussion, Concluding remarks.

Participants of the Neural Coding Workshop 2005 will come to Marburg from 18 countries from all over the world.
A tentative list of participants (abstracts submitted) can be found here (PDF-File).


- Braun, Hans (Neurophysiology)
- Eckhorn, Reinhard (NeuroPhysics)

- Braun, Hans (NeuroPhysiology)
- Eckhorn, Reinhard (NeuroPhysics)
- Huber, Martin T. (NeuroPsychiatry)
- Voigt, Karlheinz (NeuroPhysiology)
- Wachtler, Thomas (NeuroPhysics)

- Borisyuk, Roman (Plymouth, UK)
- Bugmann, Guido (Plymouth, UK)
- Lansky, Petr (Prague, CZ)
- Moss, Frank (St. Louis, USA)
- Poon, Paul (Tainan,Taiwan R.O.C.)
- Richmond, Barry (Washington, USA)
- Rospars, Jean-Pierre (Versailles, FR)
- Segundo, José (Montevideo, UR)
- Villa, Alessandro E.P. (Grenoble, FR)

- General
- Reception
- Barbecue
- Lectures
- Sightseeing
- Poster and Wine
- Excursion to the Rhine
- Dinner at the castle
- Closing Day


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